Monday, July 14, 2008

Botanical Gardens, St. Louis, Mo.

On Wed. we went to the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. They were so interesting.

At Melanie's

I'm in missouri now! At Melanie's . I have missed them so much. It has been wonderful!!

I'm having such a great time here! Kaitlyn and I flew out from Salt Lake last Tuesday. Patience has grown so much. She is so adorable!!!

There are frogs all over Melanie's yard. Here is Kaitlyn holding one.

We went to Nauvoo on Fri. and stayed until last night. I got to go to the Temple , see the Pageant, and tour several Nauvoo historic buildings. We also went to Carthage Jail. This has been such a spiritual experience and testimony builder. It makes me want to be so much more faithful.

I went to the St. Louis Temple on Thurs. with Melanie and Robert. We met Jarvis relatives there.